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Rick and Morty Tales Across Dimensions

With the pleasure of working on season 3, I had the task of bottling up my excitement about how awesome every episode was. In order to do so I funneled my joy and love for these stories into posters for each episode.

Peter slavik 301

Rickshank Rickdemption

Awesome opener, got to work on the Citadel of Ricks chamber shots and Rick's garage in his memory.

Peter slavik 302

Rickmancing the Stone

This episode was incredible design wise. Got to work on the desert shots, the Semantics Dome and posing some 3D elements for BGs.

Peter slavik 303

Pickle Rick

PICKLE RICK! There is a warp pan I got to work on in this episode that I am really proud of when Morty points out the syringe and the camera does a trucking 180 and pans up.